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Changing Your Name

If you plan on changing your name to your husbands’ you will have a ton of paperwork upon returning from your honeymoon. From credit & debit cards and passports to your driver’s license and social security, HitchSwitch ( takes a lot of the headache and more importantly the hassle out of the process.

For a budget friendly starting fee of $25 the company will send you all the forms you need to sign and mail so you don’t have to research and hunt them down yourself. The good news is it’s a one-time only fee.

And just a friendly reminder (because this happened to me) you can’t change your name until after you’re legally married, so make sure to put your maiden name on your honeymoon flight reservations! It will be impossible to board if your ID’s don’t match up to the name on your tickets.


Customizing Events for Lasting Memories

Life is full of special occasions and celebrations and Bartlett Hills is there to cement all those special events into lasting memories. One of the most festive events we can help make perfect are birthday parties! No matter the age, Bartlett Hills offers the perfect setting for celebrating a loved one’s special day.

From elegant adult cocktail parties to colorful children’s celebrations, you can customize the birthday party to fit your imagination! The more creative event the better! Bartlett Hills completely encourages outside props and decorations and we hope you can take full advantage of our facility to make your perfect themed event. We offer customizable food packages to help compliment the celebration and you will have access to all banquet accessories including tables, chairs, linens, dance floor, helpful staff and much more.

We have seen some wonderful birthday parties throughout the years and some of the best ones are those that are themed! Please take a look at some of the incredible birthday party pictures that were taken throughout the past year.  ImageImageImage

Wedding Card from The White House

Wedding Card from the White House

Did you know that you can request a wedding card (significant birthday’s too) from the President at the White House Greetings Office. The couple must be a U.S. citizens. And you should make your request AFTER the wedding.

You can fill out a form online, fax your request, or mail your request to them directly. For more information and online application, go to the White House Greeting Office website.

You can also fax them at 202-395-1232 or mail your request directly to:

The White House
Attn: Greetings Office
Washington, D.C. 20502-0039

If you are faxing or sending a request by regular mail, be sure to include the following information:

    • Name of honoree(s)
    • Address of honoree(s)
    • Form of address (Mr., Mrs., Ms., Miss)
    • Date (month, day, year) of birthday/wedding date
    • Requestor’s name and daytime phone number

Rainbow-colored Roses


  Wow, these are gorgeous roses and would go with so many themes,

especially a rainbow wedding.

A Very Special Baby Shower…

Congratulations are in order for my Assistant Evan Blum and his lovely dear wife Katie who are expecting their baby son in January. We are so excited here at Bartlett Hills, for we are like an extended family having worked together for so many years.

Evan & Katie had their baby shower here last Sunday and I wanted to share some pictures with our fans. The theme was “The Cat in the Hat”, a well loved book by Dr Seuss.


Guests were greeted in the foyer by a stuffed cat in a hat that belonged to Evan as a child. How endearing that his parents have saved it all these years. I know I still have a childhood doll that I just cherish.  Along with the stuffed cat was a very whimsical vase filled with gold fish and the very clever shower invitations written by Evan in Dr Seuss speak. Yes, you’re picturing where this is all headed.


When the guests walked into the banquet space the centerpieces were adorable diaper cakes with big bold red, blue and polka dot balloons. Edible gold fish and a platter of green eggs and ham were offered at the tables before the luncheon was served. Yum, I didn’t realize green eggs were so appetizing.

Image                      Image

Also, on the guest tables, cake table and fireplace mantel were Dr Seuss books. Yes, Cat in the Hat, Hop on Pop, One Fish- Two Fish- Red Fish- Blue Fish, Green Eggs & Ham, Happy Birthday to You, Oh, the Places You will go, and so many more. The books brought back many happy memories for me and I’m sure for some of their guests. I think Mom saved all these books too. Won’t it be special for Evan to tell his little one someday soon “these were my books when I was your age son”.

The shower cake was graced with Thing 1 and the cute saying, “Little Hands, Little Feet, Hello Baby, Goodbye Sleep”. So very true.

      Image          Image

Baby Blum will be a well-dressed little boy with all the adorable outfits they received. And oh my, lots of hats. He’ll be a cool cat in those hats-pardon the pun.

     Image         Image

All the staff here at Bartlett Hills wishes Evan & Katie a beautiful and healthy baby boy, whose name shall be John Chase Blum. Congrat’s to you both.

Take the Headache out of Seating Arrangements!

Guest Blogger: Heather Liwapattanapichit-Owner of I Do Table Seating has come up with an amazing way of having a fun time doing your seating arrangements for any special occasion. Please read below as Heather explains how it works.  Mary @BHills.

PLanning Like a Pro-

There is a brand new way to create your seating arrangements; introducing the first and only Seating Planner! This unique planner has your guest name tabs on Velcro to make it super easy to plan and organize your seating. Take the ‘work’ out of planning, and make it simple and fun! The purse sized planner fits up to 250 guests and the notebook sized planner fits up to 500 guests, making it portable and convenient to take on the go! You can take and use this planner at your friend’s house, your work, a restaurant, or anywhere. Additionally, this fabulous seating planner is personalized with your wedding color and your upcoming last name to make this a perfect keepsake!

Image                 Image

Plan like a pro with a seating arrangement planner of your own! Trust me, this is the one tool you don’t want to be without while planning your special day. You will save time and stress to make your wedding planning as smooth as possible!  Check out WWW.IDOTABLESEATING.COM. For an extra 10% off, enter the discount code savetime1 at checkout, expires 12/31/14.

For more information or any questions please contact I Do Table Seating at


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