Event Lighting for your Wedding Reception

Event Lighting For Your Wedding Reception

So your table linens are picked, the centerpieces have been chosen , your napkin colors are in order and everything from your guest list to chair ties have been set . You are confident you’ve thought of every detail, but your ballroom still seems a little bare! Fortunately, there’s something you can do that will indeed make your reception pop!

LED up-lighting is a fantastic way to complete your wedding visual. Although up-lighting itself is not a new way to dramatically enhance the look of the reception, the technological advance to LED lights from standard halogen lights have made them more energy friendly and even more affordable than they once were. Since LED lights emit less heat and use less electricity, you can now utilize more individual up-light units throughout the room without overheating and taxing you’re wedding venue’s power supply.

Many D.J. services offer up-lighting upgrades to their services or you can hire someone who is a specialist. They’ll have the ability to match nearly every color in the spectrum so as to perfectly match your unique color combination.



Event lighting can be applied to numerous places during your reception including ballroom walls, curtains, the cake or bridal tables, centerpieces, the dance floor or any unique architecture that stands out. These light enhancements greatly improve indoor ambiance and look especially fantastic in wedding photography. Their light-weight and versatile nature allows you to brighten up spots of a banquet hall that you may never have thought possible and add the perfect visual effect you desire.


If you decide to hire a videographer however, be sure to speak with him ahead of time to be sure their camera will pick up the lighting correctly when recorded. Although it’s rarely a problem, certain L.E.D. lights may sometimes conflict with video footage and you may see a different color up-light on film. Adjusting camera frame speed will correct this ahead of time and you won’t miss out on all those wonderful room shots.

If event up-lighting seems like something that stands out to you, by all means, get them! Your guests will be amazed at the beauty of the room and the wedding photography will always stand out to you.

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