Bridal Gown Tips

The Wedding Gown

Oh the wedding gown! Just wearing this one dress has been in the dreams of little girls throughout the ages, and since it is often times the focal point of the wedding day, choosing the right one for you is essential. All the little details that go into choosing and fitting the perfect dress should not be glossed over which is why Bartlett Hills Country Club and Banquets offers some tips and suggestions for your dress shopping desires.


If you are in the search for that perfect bridal gown, keep in mind that it can range from less than $400 to over $3000. Be prepared however to pay additional alteration expenses. Making the dress fit your personal style may very well require such alterations and generally average about $100 to $250 per modification. Adding additional accessories such as appliqués, beadwork, headpieces or having a detachable train bustle are also considered custom alterations and are priced accordingly. To give you an idea what other brides like you are spending on their wedding gowns, the National and Chicagoland average shows brides spending about $850… So keep your budgeting in mind and we hope to see you wearing your beautiful wedding dress here at Bartlett Hills.

Deciding on the Perfect Dress

Having the perfect gown for those all important wedding day pictures requires making the best decisions when picking your wedding day dress. Make sure you shop smart! We suggest you bring your mother or maybe a trusted friend when dress shopping because you will need someone whose opinion you value and who knows what tastes you like and how you’d like to look… especially on the most important day of your life. Don’t bring any small children with you! They can be very distracting and pose the possibility of damaging bridal items. You should feel comfortable and have some fun when searching for a gown and don’t need any additional interference.


If you already have a specific dress in mind or have seen one you love, absolutely share your ideas with your bridal consultant. They are generally more than willing to accommodate any alterations or styles you see fit and will help you determine which necklines, bodices and silhouettes will most flatter your tastes. You may even be surprised to find the perfect gown is far from what you had originally envisioned.

Deciding on your style of dress should be a first priority since it affects the formality and tone of the wedding itself. Bridesmaid’s dresses, for instance, generally compliment the style of your own gown and often times echo the waistline, neckline or silhouette. Remember to visualize your wedding party photograph with the different colors and styles and try to keep it all looking balanced and elegant. Your bridal consultant will be able to help style those dresses to your specific taste so they look absolutely memorable in your wedding pictures.


It goes without saying that wedding gowns are sized differently for every bride. Therefore do be aware that when trying on dresses you may fit into a size that is different from what you usually wear. For example it’s not uncommon to be one size in the bust and another size in the waist. Most professional bridal consultants and seamstresses will do a wonderful job making those exact measurements to best fit your body size and attributes; however the final decision is always yours so don’t feel shy about voicing your opinion to something you don’t like. Please do keep in mind that any additional alterations that are done by the seamstress will cost accordingly so be sure to request an estimate at the fitting about any additions that might be made. Most fittings are done by appointment only.


Most manufacturers generally require five to eight months to complete an order, generally seeing bridal gowns taking the full 20 to 32 weeks and the bridesmaids taking about 12 to 16 weeks. Most brides order their bridal gown six months to one year in advance of their wedding date so be sure to shop early! Also, extra time should always be allowed for the seamstress to solve any problems you might find with the dress.

Rush orders should also be available if you immediately need your dress for a fast arriving wedding date, however this generally costs an additional fee plus expedited shipping charges.

We hope these tips will help you in your search for the most perfect wedding dress!  
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