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Wedding Rides to Remember…

For those who dream of making a most elegant wedding entrance, don’t forget that your transportation can be just as glamorous! With all the different places you may need to be on your wedding day, why not be a little creative and really spice up the way you get there? There are many more alternatives beside the traditional limousine ride that may wonderfully compliment anyone’s personal and unique wedding styles.

Horse and Carriage

Brides and grooms longing to capture that enchanted feeling of being a prince and princess for the day would love the look of an elegant horse and carriage. In fairy-tale fashion you can arrive to the chapel or reception hall in the back of a beautifully decorated carriage cabin pulled by your own personal driver and pony. It offers a little of the past and a lot of class and absolutely makes for some wonderful wedding photos. We can’t say enough at Bartlett Hills of how tasteful and classy our brides and grooms using a horse and buggy look, especially when they step down from their carriage to the smiling greets of all their guests and relatives. It’s as if they have graciously arrived at their own ball like a prince and princess and ready to begin their happily ever after story! We would love to see more of them this year, for it is such a delight to watch a couple arrive in such a Cinderella-like way. Most horse and carriage services are rentable by the hour and usually show up to any destination you need.

Antique or Vintage Car

Perhaps you might prefer a more luxurious ride; something with the prestige and sophistication of say a Rolls Royce or Cadillac. Pulling up to your reception in one of these cars would be a picture perfect setting for some glamorous wedding photos.  Not only would such a car be fashionably unique, but these custom cars have been well preserved and maintained throughout the years and turn heads wherever they go. Just imagine how those photos of you sharing a kiss with your new spouse in front of a ’54 Bentley will look on a wall in your house!  So why don’t you and your bridal party hop in and turn some heads too? These cars offer the sophistication and authentic look of so many different eras in our history so your wedding day can truly have that uniquely vintage look you have always dreamed. If you or anyone you know are booking a wedding at Bartlett Hills and are interested in this novel idea, Classic-Chassis  (www.classic-chassis.com) out of Roselle, IL is conveniently close by and has a wide selection of American and foreign antique cars to choose from.  Their rates and terms vary per car.

A Wedding Day Golf Cart

If a horse drawn carriage or a vintage car is not right for you but you’d still like to have some fun with your wedding day ride, Bartlett Hills can provide you with a specially golf cart! Adorably decorated with flowers and ribbons, this can be an entertaining idea not only for those golf enthusiasts but those just wanting to have some fun with their wedding day pictures. You can conveniently go where no car or horse and carriage can on our beautiful golf course, and with a photographer in hand, you can capture all those wonderful first moments as bride and groom.

If you have further questions regarding any transportation ideas or information for your wedding day, please call Bartlett Hills at 630-213-3103.

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