Wedding Rehearsal Tips

Wedding Rehearsals are so Important!

With all the time, money, and stress that may come with creating the most perfect wedding day, it’s odd how many brides and grooms may forgo the wedding rehearsal. Unless you have an extremely short processional and are keeping the ceremony very simple without utilizing some of the more popular ceremony traditions such as unity candles, sand blending bottles, or exchanging family heirlooms, we at Bartlett Hills Country Club suggest you take the time to set up a walk-through rehearsal a day or two before your wedding date. We heavily encourage this so all these little details of the ceremony are executed elegantly and smoothly in front of all your admiring guests. Since the ceremony is often seen as the most important event in one’s life (not to mention the most photographed and videotaped) it’s best to be safe and make sure there are no embarrassing blunders and goof-ups that could prove humiliating afterwards.

Order and Timing are Key

If you have a large bridal party that is required for the processional, it can be so incredibly difficult for the wedding planner and or Officiant to prepare and line up your bridesmaids and groomsmen in their respected order, especially if they have already been celebrating the day by drinking all afternoon! Also, many in your bridal party might not have any idea how the traditional processional is run, so practicing the order and sequence of it the day before at a rehearsal will save an incredible amount of time and confusion for everyone in the party. As the bride and or groom, you certainly will not have time to organize your bridesmaids and groomsmen the day of, especially if you do not want to see each other before the actual ceremony takes place. It is certainly a little detail you shouldn’t have to think about when you are moments away from forever joining your partner in holy matrimony. Although the wedding planner will always be there to assist you in making the processional go as smooth as possible, be sure to take a little time and set up a wedding rehearsal so your bridal party is sure of their specific roles during the ceremony.

Mastering all the Props 

Like many brides and grooms, you may have decided to use a unity candle or sand blending bottles as symbol of your union. If this is the case, it is certainly something you can also practice during the rehearsal so you will be confident and familiar with how you will handle the situation at the actual ceremony. Keep in mind for instance that outdoor ceremonies may prove too windy for unity candles, and could prove for an awkward situation if the flames are continually blowing out before you can even light it. Sand blending bottles may therefore be more suitable for this circumstance, but if you decide to use them still practice it at the rehearsal, if possible, so you both will at least be familiar with it and be confident there won’t be any blunders while pouring them together during the ceremony.

Confidently moving in your dress

Although you won’t be wearing your wedding dress during the rehearsal, it’s sometimes good to wear something with a similar train so you can be familiar with your steps when walking in heels. This is also a good idea so your father escort will know where to step as well. Although it may be tacky, using something as simple as pinning a bed sheet to your waist may be effective in preventing you from enduring the most horrific thing that can happen on your wedding day: tripping down the aisle! You may also want to wear a veil during the rehearsal so you and your fiancée can maneuver effortlessly with it on and you will be sure that it won’t go up in flames if you are lighting a unity candle.

The DJ Option

Wedding ceremonies are never complete without the right music for the processional. This of course is usually supplied by the DJ and would require speakers to be conveniently placed in the ceremony so everyone can clearly hear the music as well as anyone speaking in a microphone. If you are feeling unsure of how you’d like your music selection to be timed and played during the ceremony, or absolutely need to have music for an effective rehearsal, request your DJ to be in attendance (if he’s available) to get a more accurate feel of how the wedding ceremony will actually be executed the day of. This would take care of any audio obstacles the DJ may encounter and familiarize your bridal party to the specific music they would be walking down the aisle to.

Bartlett Hills Golf Club again encourages any bride and groom to set up a wedding rehearsal to ensure the most smooth and confusion-free ceremony that will make for lasting memories.

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