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I advise my couples to visit with their Wedding Florist before their tasting here at Bartlett Hills. We offer fresh flower vases for all your guests tables and it will be helpful for you to have already chosen the blooms you will be using for your bouquets, boutonnieres and other floral needs.

With so many choices I can see why my brides’ are so overwhelmed when it comes to their centerpieces.

Try to incorporate some fun while you are preparing for your first florist appointment. Here are a few ideas to help make your first florist appointment go smoothly and to be sure that you are prepared, so that you can enjoy your first appointment rather than worry about what is going to happen. Here are some fun and unique ideas to prepare you for that first appointment.

Dream a little or dream it big.  Make a list of every single type of flower you absolutely love. Write down the color scheme you plan on using. Make a list of every possible place in your wedding that you can use flowers. Then think about how you would like to include those floral favorites into your bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, altar flowers and centerpieces.

Have your flowers express your love, Your wedding day is the perfect day to express your love. Why not show your love through your flowers? Flowers tend to symbolize certain feelings. For example, red roses represent love, passion and desire. The Calla Lily symbolizes magnificent beauty, orchids represent ecstasy and pansies symbolize the ‘unspoken’ thoughts between lovers. Your florist will be able to help you to select the flowers special to you and your fiance that will share your feelings with all of your friends and family.

Let the ‘true’ experts of the past be your role model – Ivy was carried by Greek brides as a symbol of never-ending love. Orange blossoms were carried by Queen Victoria as a symbol of happiness and fulfillment. Now, look back at your own ancestors or family traditions. This is a great way to bring in beauty and special meaning to your special day.


What is your vision? Know your tastes. Are you looking for bold or simple? What about elegant or extravagant? If you have some idea of what you are looking for, you will be able to spend more time on creating the style you are looking for, rather than deciding on a style. Of course, you could change your mind altogether when you go to that first appointment, but at least you have considered your own tastes.

Determine your wedding style, Your style is not the same as your vision. Are you intending to carry a dramatic, long bunch of flowers or a tight posy of blooms? Plus, carry this same wave of thinking into what the other members of the wedding party will have. Should your mom wear a corsage or carry a nosegay? Should the bridesmaids carry a single stem flower or a bouquet? Your style could not match your budget. However, a creative florist will find something within your price range to create the style of wedding you have dreamed of

If you take some time to figure out your style and vision, you will be that much more prepared for that first florist visit. The more you can decide before you get to that appointment, the less overwhelming it will be. You will be able to enjoy selecting colors and bouquets, rather than rushing in these decisions because you are so completely unsure of your own tastes!

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