5 GREAT Ways to Take a Break from Wedding Planning…

Let’s face it wedding planning can almost be a full-time job and can certainly cause some serious stress. Women naturally tend to take all the planning under their wings as you would expect with the groom basically seeming like he barely even cares (whatever you want honey). I’m sure he does care and is willing to take on any task you may deal him very sincerely, but he’s not going to lose any sleep over it.

So when planning seems to be so overwhelming and you’re pulling your hair out because you’re at your wit’s end, then it’s time to do some serious de-stressing. Listed are 5 great ways to do just that:


Have a good long hard cry or laugh fest. Both have been scientifically proven to help calm stress levels. A good cry just relieves so much built up tension and laughing up a storm will do the same. So grab a girlfriend and rent or stream a good tear-jerker. Some of my favorites include:

Steel Magnolias
My Life
Children of Men
Terms of Endearment
Bambi (of course)

A good tear-jerker book can have the same effect and I suggest any of the many books from the Chicken Soup collection for a light read and almost instantaneous tears guaranteed.

And for some knee slapping guffaws try any of these:

Raising Arizona
Animal House
Royal Tenenbaums
The Hangover or
Office Space


Plan a spa day for just yourself. There is nothing better than being pampered for the day. Just imagine being surrounded in warm towels and having all your tension spots being massaged away, soothing music and fragrance all around will do wonders for you. Look for coupons online to make a very worthwhile expense a little more budget friendly.

spa day


Get active and move! It’s a fact exercise increases endorphins and that’s a good thing. They say it is even better than morphine itself. Exercise will help keep you fit and tone so you don’t have to worry and fret about fitting into your dress. Yea!


Take a mini vacation with your spouse-to-be (work on the relationship not the wedding) or a sibling, or a friend, or just get away by yourself. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy or expensive. Heck just spending a night or two away at a local hotel will do the trick. The secret is to not think about or talk about “the wedding”. Let it go for a couple of days and find out how rejuvenating that will be for you. Ahhhhh. Everything will be in such a nicer perspective when you get back to it.

 beach pic


Or, just take a nice leisurely hot bubble bath. Yes, another ahhhh. Imagine lavender-scented bubbles, candle light, chamomile tea, some mellow music in the background, maybe a good book. Now you’re talking. At my home, that would include 2 cats and a dog staring at me wondering what I might be doing in that there tub (they can keep the towel warmed). Ha.

We all have our relax mode and timing for when we desire this inner peace. If you find yourself constantly stressed out at certain times it’s so important that you step back and recharge the soul for new upcoming tasks. Breathe-just breathe deep.

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