Planning a Memorial Service or Celebration of Life

Planning a Memorial Service or Celebration of Life

Here at Bartlett Hills GC we have been seeing more families choose to host a Celebration of Life Memorial Service as an alternative to the traditional funeral services.

We would be honored to help you host an event like this and guide you through the journey. This type of event is dear to our hearts for we believe in celebrating life, honoring lives lived and creating new traditions. These functions are more welcoming for both family and friends and are typically a more relaxed and less stressful experience. Today, Celebrations of Life are the most preeminent and affordable opportunity to shed light and love during a difficult time.

Whether you need an intimate quite service or a big lively celebration, your options are endless at Bartlett Hills. We can help you with the food and beverage selections, suitable room set up, décor elements and any memorable enhancements you would like to be included. This service works for all walks of life because we can make it what you want.

Frequently asked questions:

What is a Celebration of Life?

A Celebration of Life celebrates the life of a loved one who has departed. Unlike a funeral, the emphasis is on the life that was lived and not the grieving of one’s death. Whether you are planning an event for the deceased or planning your own celebration of life, you can make this as non-traditional as you would like.

Why have a Celebration of Life?

Life celebrations are all about the life of the departed. You are taking the time to express and share the love and life of that precious person. It allows you to create a personal touch throughout the entire event. It is a way to say goodbye, encourage gests to share memories with others and provide a social system for family and friends to gather. It brings about searching the meaning of life and death while offering hopefulness for the living, or to have a celebration in a theme of what the deceased was passionate about and loved during their lifetime.


When can a Celebration of Life be held?

A Celebration of Life Ceremony can occur before or after one’s death. Ceremonies can also take place on the anniversary of one’s death, a special date or birthday. A birthday for the deceased is a common theme. While funerals usually take place within a few day s of death, a Celebration or Memorial can occur at any time providing adequate time for thoughtful planning.

Where can a Celebration of Life be held?

The beauty of having a Celebration of Life Ceremony is that it can take place wherever you desire. Perhaps if the departed loved boating or fishing, a good place would be somewhere with an outdoor feel – a park maybe, or even a themed event in in someone’s home. Churches are always popular, but keep in mind that country clubs can be a very attractive place as well. Bartlett Hills has beautiful scenic views that add to the ambiance of a serene celebration and we encourage you to customize the space any way you’d to help create a unique event.

Who can I get to lead the Service?

You may chose anybody to lead or speak at the celebration. If families have a relationship with a church or temple, the spiritual leader can assist in the structure of the event. Bartlett Hills is happy to suggest many certified Celebrants as an alternative for non-religious and more personalized leaders. You also may feel more comfortable choosing a family member or friend that you think will would be best honoring the deceased.

Suggestions to add a personal touch to the Celebration:

-Urn Display with departed pictures and other favorite memorable items.

-Memory Books

– Balloon release in lieu of ash scattering depending the venue you choose.

-Video Presentation.

-Poetry or other reading from the deceased favorite books or Bible.

-Of course Music.

-Artist performance.

-Favorite Sport (Or Player) Jersey signing alternative to a guest book.

-Craft Table for someone who loved crafting. This would make nice mementos for the family or Jenga blocks for someone who really liked board games.

-Also try a Google search for many more ideas.

How can Bartlett Hills GC help?

Bartlett Hills can provide as much or as little support that our clients desire. At a time when basic functioning can be a challenge, we can handle all the details and organization of the making it less stressful and overwhelming. Bartlett Hills would be honored to help you pull all the pieces together for a wonderful celebration.

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