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Quinceañera or Cotillion at Bartlett Hills

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Bartlett Hills is the Perfect Destination for a Quinceañera.

At Bartlett Hills, we know your little girl can grow up so fast. Before you know it, their childhood breezes by and those teenage years will be upon them. For many families in the Chicagoland area, this often means hosting a coming of age celebration like a Quinceañera or Cotillion to honor the young woman’s transition to adulthood.

Although these two events represent a similar cultural meaning, they are celebrated differently around the world. Bartlett Hills is happy to help you host an event like these with respect to differing cultural backgrounds and will make the planning process easy and stress fee. We are completely open to new ideas and enhancements that will make a memorable coming of age celebration. 

What is a Quinceañera?

A Quinceañera is a cultural event of either Mexican or Spanish heritage that celebrates a young woman’s fifteenth birthday. Originally steeped in deep Catholic traditions, it essentially represents the girl’s coming of age to adulthood where she is seen in the eyes of her family and peers as an adult. A banquet is often held that invites close family and friends to celebrate this milestone where she is often bestowed with gifts and cash.  

What is a Cotillion?

A Cotillion is often associated with, but not limited to, the Filipino culture and the celebration of a young woman’s transition to adulthood on her eighteenth birthday. Similar to a Quinceañera and its Catholic roots, it too often celebrates the girl with a banquet where family and friends gather to offer their well wishes and gifts. Traditional speeches, festivities and dances are coordinated between the debutante and the Dj emcee, with the father typically reserving the final dance with his daughter for last.

What food is typically served?

Although Latin American cuisine is the traditional food served during Quinceañeras, (such as taco’s, corn wrapped tamales, enchiladas and picadillos) individual menus and tastes are continually altered depending on geographic locations and the changing palates of new generations of young adults.

Traditional Filipino Cotillions typically serve pork, chicken, beef and rice with a palate leaning more to the sweet and savory side. Both events typically feature a grand cake to be served to the guests with a sweet table featuring numerous homemade delectables provided by family.

Bartlett Hills is happy to customize a menu that best fits your specific tastes and we are incredibly flexible and sensitive with how you would like your menu prepared during such an important event.

We offer an extremely inclusive Quinceañera or Cotillion food package that features traditional and non-traditional items to choose from. (Click Here)

What’s included in the Bartlett Hills Quinceañera and Cotillion Package?

Our debutante package includes:

5 Hour reception

Unlimited Assorted Soft Drinks

Choice of 2: Signature Soup, Salad Selection, Dessert

Baked Rolls and Whipped Butter


Plated or Buffet- Service

Mirrors with 2 Votive Candles

Silk Flower Vase Centerpiece or Candle Light Vases

White Skirting for Specialty Tables

Linen Table Cloths and Napkin Color Choices

White or Ivory Chair Cover w/ Sash

Ballroom LED Up-lighting

Private Debutante Suite for the Day

Dance Rehearsal Space

Event Coordinator to help with the details.

What is the Cost at Bartlett Hills?

Bartlett Hills offers a per person package price that starts at $25 per person with tax and service charge additional. There are no room rental costs or hidden fees. You will have the entire facility for the day and can customize the room any way you’d like. Feel free to bring in any outside decorations to personalize the room the way you see fit. Please let us know what we can do for you and we’ll be happy to accommodate.

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