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Birthday Party

What a fantastic 1st birthday party theme at Bartlett Hills. Hot air balloons & moonwalk. The kids (and I even saw some adults jumping in that moonwalk) loved it.

8 Something Blue Ideas Just For You

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Customizing Events for Lasting Memories

Life is full of special occasions and celebrations and Bartlett Hills is there to cement all those special events into lasting memories. One of the most festive events we can help make perfect are birthday parties! No matter the age, Bartlett Hills offers the perfect setting for celebrating a loved one’s special day.

From elegant adult cocktail parties to colorful children’s celebrations, you can customize the birthday party to fit your imagination! The more creative event the better! Bartlett Hills completely encourages outside props and decorations and we hope you can take full advantage of our facility to make your perfect themed event. We offer customizable food packages to help compliment the celebration and you will have access to all banquet accessories including tables, chairs, linens, dance floor, helpful staff and much more.

We have seen some wonderful birthday parties throughout the years and some of the best ones are those that are themed! Please take a look at some of the incredible birthday party pictures that were taken throughout the past year.  ImageImageImage

Wedding Card from The White House

Wedding Card from the White House

Did you know that you can request a wedding card (significant birthday’s too) from the President at the White House Greetings Office. The couple must be a U.S. citizens. And you should make your request AFTER the wedding.

You can fill out a form online, fax your request, or mail your request to them directly. For more information and online application, go to the White House Greeting Office website.

You can also fax them at 202-395-1232 or mail your request directly to:

The White House
Attn: Greetings Office
Washington, D.C. 20502-0039

If you are faxing or sending a request by regular mail, be sure to include the following information:

    • Name of honoree(s)
    • Address of honoree(s)
    • Form of address (Mr., Mrs., Ms., Miss)
    • Date (month, day, year) of birthday/wedding date
    • Requestor’s name and daytime phone number

Put a Ring on it…

It is every girls dream to one day be proposed to and plan a wonderful wedding day. During the planning process however, grooms don’t get much say so. They may be requested to find the entertainment or perhaps pick out the groomsmen attire. Ultimately, it will be the brides’ choice in most cases. But, here’s where the groom can really shine. The marriage proposal! Therefore, be creative, be ever so thoughtful, and pull out all the bells and whistle, men.


1st-Get Dad’s Blessing

Perhaps it is a little old-fashioned to ask the bride’s father for permission, but more trendy is to get his blessing. It lets your future father-in-love know that you’re sincere. It can also be a great experience for the two of you to bond. Share with him your feelings and intentions for his daughter, and the promise of the commitment to making his daughter happy for the rest of her life.

2nd-Planning the Proposal

You definitely want to impress your bride-to-be with the best proposal ever. Just think of her telling all her family and friends what a surprisingly wonderful proposal you put together. With holidays being the number one proposal time here are a few ideas from Susan Harris:

-Compile a photo slide show of the two of you. Explain that this is a present you created just for her and the last 5 slides should say: Will-you-marry-me-? Imagine the suspense. Or just put on the last slide, “Will you marry me”?

-On Christmas Eve or morn after all the gifts have already been opened, arrange for a friend to play Santa and knock on the door with one last gift for your fiancé.

-Rent her favorite holiday movie and make a big bowl of popcorn (peppermint flavoring would be nice). Place the ring box in the bottom of the bowl and when she sees it “pop” the question. Excuse the pun-ha ha.

-Give her related odd gifts that hint at was is to come such as, hand lotion, jewelry box, jewelry cleaner, gift card to nail salon, and then the ring box. Oh this one could be so much fun.

For more great ideas follow these links: -real life proposals

3rd-However you propose, make it true to you. And if at all possible, have someone photograph or video the occasion.

Proposal 2

1,000 Origami Cranes

Many American couples are now following the Japanese tradition of folding 1,000 origami cranes for their wedding ceremonies. In one story; I found that all the cranes must be folded by the same person within a one years’ time span. It is said, that person would be granted one wish upon completing the folding of 1,000 cranes. The crane is a holy creature in Japan and believed to live for 1,000 years, thus: being noble enough to grant the wish.

Another tradition, would be the father gifting the bride and groom 1,000 cranes as a wedding gift, wishing the couple 1,000 years of happiness.

Hand folding 1,000 cranes takes much time, patience, and understanding. These same qualities are vital for a marriage to last and thrive. This is why the tradition of hand folding 1,000 cranes to decorate a wedding is so powerful.

The practice of a couple or a group of people folding 1,000 cranes for a wedding is called sembazuru. For all the energy and time spent into the hand-folded cranes may very well symbolized the stamina and devotion necessary to sustain a happy marriage. A couple who could endure the long, time intensive folding process together, supporting each other, talking with each other for weeks while taking on a demanding mission would show their ability to maintain a long-term commitment to the relationship.

Not only would the folding of the cranes attest to the couples’ compatibility, but the cranes would become a visible testimony to their love. The cranes would be strung on garlands to drape along aisles or swag around doorways. The origami cranes would be used as place or escort cards and as favors. Cranes shaped in circles or heart shapes around the centerpieces or candles would be used for decoration. Swaging cranes on strings or garland could float in windows or lace table edges.

Recently, one of our wedding couples utilized the 1,000 cranes they hand folded and strung, as their wedding ceremony backdrop. Then in turn they used it as their photo backdrop, instead of a photo booth at the reception. Here, I’m so pleased to share the beautiful piece our couple created: